Designing A Wrought Iron Gate:
From Sketch To Timeless Art Work

It starts with an idea, a custom design, that translated into ornamental wrought iron stands as a tribute to your design creativity – and to the stature of your client. At Cassidy Bros. Forge, it’s our pleasure to work with architects and designers to produce these enduring structures.

The architect gives us a sketch for a wrought iron gate design with a specification for the opening dimension between the columns.

The fabricators form the frame. The blacksmiths carefully forge each scroll to the full size print, then the welds are ground smooth. See our blacksmiths in action creating hand-forged scrolls.


The finished gate is galvanized, painted, crated and shipped to the job site in the Caribbean.

Please click on the images to see a larger version.

We carefully redraw the gates in AutoCad, articulating smooth and precise arcs for each and every scroll. We’ve been using AutoCad since 1984 to plot every large and small detail for each project that we do. We then print up full size design sheets 42 inches by up to 20 feet long for our blacksmiths and fabricators.



How We Created This Nautilus Design

The Challenge: A client asked us to design his new spiral staircase using an ocean theme. We choose the nautilus shell and used our CAD programming to create our wrought iron design.

Please click on the images to see a larger version.



Decorative Scroll Work

The Challenge:  An architect asked us to design a scroll bracket for an antique lantern. This is the drawing we were given.

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