Wrought Iron Gate Hardware

The moving parts for our wrought iron gate hardware, hinges and latches are made of stainless steel and long wearing bronze bushings.

Latch Bar Detail (self-latching)

Stainless steel latch bar with brass knob (keeper and catch are stainless steel also).

Lockable latch bar detail
(self-latching with padlock)

Same as above with aligning tabs to receive a padlock.

Cane Bolt

Handforged cane bolt (5/8″ dia.) mounted to the passive leaf side of double gate sets. The connecting tabs are made of 1/4″ thick stainless steel, are welded to the gate frame and are sleeved with rubber grommets to prevent scratching of the finish coating on the cane bolt.

Lever Handle

A non-lockable Baldwin brass lever handle has a spring loaded latch bolt (self-latching).


Baldwin deadbolt keyed on both sides.

Lever Latch With Deadbolt

Combination lever handle and deadbolt as described above.