Wrought Iron Gate Finish Specifications

All material is steel grit blasted, primed with two-part epoxy primer and finish coated with two-part aliphatic polyurethane.

The following finish specification is used on all Cassidy Brothers Forge products. See below to download these specifications.

  1. Coating materials for all fencing and gates shall be International Intertuf modified epoxy; high build, high solids primer and International Interthane 990 low voc thin film polyurethane. Standard color is high gloss black. Custom colors available as indicated by the architect. Surfaces must be primed and cured prior to the application of the finish coat. Any cracks and crevices at scrolls, circles or at sandwiched components, etc. to be filled using Dymonic polyurethane caulking after priming has cured and prior to the application of the top coat.
    • All loose scale to be removed by blasting in accordance with SSPC-SP6. Blasting shall be done with an air compressor having a constant flow of 212 C.F.M./125 P.S.I., followed by an air refrigeration unit with a minimum capacity of 250 C.F.M. into a 400 gallon dry air receiver. The blast media to be a cast steel grit; G25, G40 or G50 in accordance with SAE J1993. The painting surface shall be clean and free of oil and dirt.
    • The coating system shall be applied in a suitably designed spray booth capable of controlling environmental conditions. Paint shall not be applied when the air, steel or paint materials are below 50 degrees F. or the humidity is above 80%. The paint shall be fully cured prior to installation.
  2. Coating work shall not be allowed when the relative humidity exceeds 80% or when the temperature is less than 5 degrees above the dew point. The temperature of the material to be coated must be within 5 degrees of the ambient temperature with minimum material temperature to be above 50 degrees. Temperature and relative humidity to be logged on a daily basis of each application.
  3. The required finished product shall be free of runs, sags, pinholes and holidays. The Intertuf modified epoxy shall be applied to achieve a dry film thickness in the range of 4.0 to 6.0 mils. The polyurethane topcoat shall be applied to achieve a dry film thickness to the range of 2.0 to 3.0 mils. All dry film thicknesses for the modified epoxy and polyurethane are per manufacturers specifications.

Download Our Wrought Iron Gate Finish Specifications:
For your convenience, we’ve created these finish specifications as a Word document that you may edit to include your specific project parameters.