Designing Your Wrought Iron Fence

Cassidy Brothers’ wrought iron fences are offered in many traditional styles. Our most popular styles are shown in the fence designs section. Available heights are 3′,4′,5′,6′,7′ and 8′. Additional styles are available in our Catalog of Traditional Wrought Iron Fences and Gates.

The quality of our designs, materials and craftsmanship are what make our wrought iron fences stand apart from others.





  1. Select a wrought iron fence design. Choose privacy and security fences, hand forged decorative wrought iron fences or fences that will comply with pool enclosure or guardrail requirements.

2. Select a fence height: 3′, 4′, 5′, 6′, 7′, or 8′. The installed height is measured from the top of the picket to the finish grade.

3. Select a post embedment option. Choose deep for posts installed in concrete footings in earth or shallow for mounting posts on top of a wall.

4. Select wrought iron post and picket finials.

5. Select an elevation style. Choose Level, stepped, or raked.

6. Select a color finish for your wrought iron fence. Standard finish is high gloss black. Custom colors are available at an additional charge.

7. Once a fence design has been selected, contact Cassidy Bros. Forge for an estimate to complete the full layout and shop drawings. Note: other issues may be raised, such as diferences in elevation.