Wrought Iron Entrance Gate Details


  1. Standard space between gate frame and column is 5 ½”.
  2. Standard gate width is measured as finished dimension between columns. Specify 12′, 14′, 16′, or 20′.
  3. 18″ hinge embedments supplied for gates to be installed on existing column (core-drilled and grouted with exterior hydraulic cement). This is an option and must be specified with order.
  4. Hinge Posts Super-Structure supplied with all gates and intended to be used with 24″X 24″ new column construction.
  5. Standard space between gates is ¾”.
  6. Intermediate pickets.
  7. All gate frame heights are 2″ less than capitol height.
  8. 6′ is standard gate height is measured as column height beneath capitol.
  9. Standard space under gate is 4″ (if larger space is needed to accommodate grade, increase column height as necessary).
  10. Go to finishes for information on coating specifications.

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