Masonry Columns For Wrought Iron Gates

Concrete Pier Detail - New Masonry Columns

For details when installing into existing columns, go to wrought iron gate specifications and see note 6.

Masonry Column Specifications
  1. Hinge posts super-structure installed with gates into new concrete pier prior to erection of new masonry columns
  2. Finished column erected after installation of super-structure with gates
  3. Finish grade
  4. Top of concrete pier 3" below finished grade
  5. 48" (increase to 60" for 20' wide gates)
  6. Top of concrete pier 26-28" for standard 24" square masonry column
  7. 12" deep footing over undisturbed ground
  8. Provide 8" square or round hole by 36" deep for gatepost super-structure